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MOD ENERGY INVESTMENT – takes responsibility for development and popularization of alternative sources of energy. The key sphere for us is solar power as energy volume received from solar photons that fall on Earth in a week exceeds the consumption of energy produced from world deposits of oil, gas, coal and uranium combined. That is why development of solar energy in long term perspective could provide a partial or complete solution for energetic independence and get rid of full dependency from fossil resources. PPrices for energy sources are rising with each year and the reason for this is not only a limit of natural resources but also costs for developing and building new deposits. However, taking into consideration the fact that modern economy strategy is based on non renewable sources of energy brings out the conclusion that its future can not be imagined without alternative sources of energy. DDevelopment of energy efficient and moderately cheap sources of energy decreases oil, gas and coal dependency, facilitates decrease of negative impact on environment, stabilizes energy prices and provides a smooth transition from nonrenewable to renewable sources of energy.

Minimum deposit: 50$
Maximum deposit: 9000$
Our deposit: 100$
Payment type: Manual
Referral fees: 3%(19%)-1%

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