Launch date: 12.03.2016
Status: Scam
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Flash-money - this is a classic investment project with all its attributes. The financial system is based on the proper allocation of cash flow between participants. Balance HYIP is maintained at a proper level even in predskamnom state, which allows the project to exist much longer than standard high-yield HYIP. Overpayments are stimulated at the expense of most of the contributions of the beneficiaries of the project profit. The project is suitable for both novice and professional online investment market. Participation is voluntary, with 18 years. Earn a lot - a little work!

Minimum deposit: 100 RUB
Maximum deposit: 10 000 RUB
Our deposit: 2000 RUB
Payment type: Manual
Referral fees: 7% - 2% - 1%

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